For all your questions :

You can order paper prints. I usually do not practise photo retouching except cropping, adjustments in the densities of colour or in clarity (HDRi). Unless for the two black eared kite mating pictures, where a background branch with blurred leaves was removed. These are so far, the only exceptions that I did in my line of conduct.

All prints are under artwork of EU's law. To this goal, only 30 pictures of each will be printed, signed and numbered. A unique EU certificate per picture will be given when purchased. First one, an A0 size (841mm per 1189mm upon 216 ISO standard, fine art print) is on sale for CHF 2'500.- (transportation & TVA not included), number two of the same picture will be at 2'750.- and so on till number thirty.

Of course, upon request, you can ask for a special size format (with a special quotation). Therefore, be curious, open your thooughts and follow the tracks to be the first one... thanks.

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