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      01 / 01 / 1970

All the news about the photographic activities of Jean-Paul Derouette !

February 2016

Concours photo 2016 Participated in the contest of Photo magazine in January 2016 with the photo otters, winning among the winning photos of the contest:

Concours photo 2016

March 2014

Expo 2014 2014 exhibition at the Fnac Café Forum, at Rive, in Geneva downtown. Theme : wildlife, showing 21 photographs taken in Europe and in USA.

May 2013

Expo 2013 2013 exhibition, thirty photographs were exposed at the "Café Communautaire de la Maison Onésienne", half on the 4 imperial cities of Morocco, the other half on big waves surfing.

July - August 2001

Expo 2001 First photography exhibition in 2001 in Onex, at the "Butini Foundation" : Trip to Cabo Verde during winter 1999